CryptoTax Audit




– CryptoTax Audit themed marketing brochure in all welcome bags (GA & VIP) included.

– CryptoTax Audit branding on all official merch.

– Half hour main stage speaking engagement.

– 1x stage shoutout. A thank you as a Rare Bloom 2022 sponsor.


USDC to address: 0x991c6c162580da4dda7d16bc7a7800c2ca84a4d6

Outside of securing the package, booth locations, and additional tickets, please be sure to also reserve your team's hotel rooms ASAP. We have a limited number of discounted rooms for the event and want to be sure that our exhibitors and sponsors can take advantage of the pricing. Depending on the hotel's supply/demand, the price could increase an additional $100+ a night.

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