Rare Bloom is a pioneering networking event, comprised of innovators, builders, entrepreneurs, creatives, marketers and educators. From DeFi to stake pools, Project Catalyst to AI, NFT’s to applications. Inspirational speakers, captivating panels, live music, giveaways and a whole range of interactivity to create a fun and engaging event.

Rare Bloom is place to both learn and teach, form relationships and partnerships, grow communities and business networks, find employees and suppliers. We cant wait to see you there.

Who’s coming

Special Guests

Charles Hoskinson
Ben Goertzel
January Walker
Sebastien Guillemot
Clinton Donnelly
Bullish Pumpling
Joshua Miller
Pi Lanningham
Patrick Tobler
Rick McCracken
Umed Saidov
Cinnamon Bun
Cardano with Paul
Fabrizio Shao

Many more in attendance

Sponsorship does not represent an endorsement, nor does it constitute any financial advice.


Registration: 7:30am
Doors open: 8:30am both days

Main Stage – Day 1

Hero, Epoch & Friends – Cardano Over CoffeeWelcome Twitter Space7:00-9:00am
Jeremy Firster – Cardano FoundationCommunity Welcoming and Intro9:00am
Toufi Saliba- SingularityNETHyperCycle9:30am
Charles Hoskinson – Input OutputKeynote Speech10:00am
Clinton Donnelly – Crypto Tax AuditThe Future of IRS Crypto Enforcement11:00am
Steven Ward – VyFiHow AI will Revolutionise the Blockchain11:30am
Casey Chan – DeFiYield.appPortfolio Management & Security12:00pm
Fabrizio Shao – Input OutputDecentralized Community Building12:30pm
Champ Medici & ClaymatesOnboarding the Masses1:00pm
Charles Hoskinson & BitBoy CryptoFireside Chat2:00pm
Dr. Ben Goertzel – SingularityNETSingularityNET3:00pm
Marcello Mari – SingularityDAOWhy the Future of Digital Asset Management is Decentralised and Onchain3:30pm

Main Stage – Day 2

Hero, Epoch & Friends – Cardano Over CoffeeMorning Twitter Space7:00-9:00am
Kabir Veitas – NuNet A Global Economy of Decentralized Computing — Decentralizing Cardano on Hardware Level9:00am
Sebastien Guillemot – dcSparkMilkomeda9:30am
Justin Williams, Deezy.ETH, Ben Armstrong, & FettuccineCross-Chain NFT Marketplace10:00am
Bullish DumplingDumpling Story Time – Community Building and Influencing11:00am
January Walker, Tony Rose, & Eric ColeyFinancial Compliance for Blockchain Innovation11:30am
Patrick Tobler – NMKRNFTs12:30pm
Alex Apeldoorn – Input OutputThe Future of Lace1:00pm
Big Pey & Umed SaidovDecentralization & Cardano Network Parameters1:30pm
Doug Kacena, Brendan O’Connell, & Wes ParkinsonContemporary Art Meets Cardano2:00pm
Ben O’Hanlon – Input OutputBuilding Communities / Minimum Viable Community3:00pm
Adam Dunn & GuestsCannabis & The Blockchain3:30pm
Farmer Nash, Mitch Zamara (Million on Mars), & RandCorpMulti-Chain Web3 Gaming4:00pm
ADAO x SummonBuilding DAOs on Cardano5:00pm

Second Stage – Day 1

Cardano WomenCardano Women Live @ Rare Bloom10:00am
Big JoeStoners Club11:30am
The Listening RoomListening Session1:30pm
Cardano TimesLive Interviews3:00pm

Second Stage – Day 2

Crypto Fairies Fairy Frens9:00am
CinnAmon Bun & KdevReal Talk10:00am
Dabby & MoonFLYCardano Trivia11:30am
Cardano TimesLive Interviews3:00pm

Breakout Sessions – Cottonwood 4
Day 1

Emurgo AcademyHaskell Overview9:30am – 11:30am
Riley of Summon/AdaoLive Plutus Dapp Coding Workshop12:15pm – 2:00pm
Tony Rose of IOG/Atala PrismIntro to SSI and SSI AMA2:30pm – 4:00pm

Day 2

Emurgo AcademyHaskell Overview9:30am – 11:30am
Riley of Summon/AdaoLive Plutus Dapp Coding Workshop12:15pm – 1:30pm
Jeremy Firster Head Of Partnerships And Executive OfficeOnboarding Partners to Cardano1:30 – 2:30pm
Tony Rose of IOG/Atala PrismIntro to SSI and SSI AMA2:30pm – 4:00pm

Meet and Greets

Charles HoskinsonVIP SectionFriday: 11:30am – 12:30pm
Bitboy CryptoBalconySaturday: 11:15am – 12:45pm

VIP hot food 11:30AM-1:00pm both days

Happy hour starts at 2pm both days

The Venue

The Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center, situated amidst the alpine charm of Aurora, Colorado offers guests a wide variety of family friendly activities and entertainment.

It’s close proximity to Denver International Airport, 1387 guest rooms, 5 restaurants, water park, lazy river, world-class spa and state of the art fitness center made it a fantastic choice for the Rare Bloom event. It enables us to provide attendees both a relaxing, and comfortable stay with plenty to do whilst also connecting with friends and community members in the Cardano ecosphere.


We have an incredible afterparty lined up 
at Rare Bloom, featuring live music from

The Main Squeeze – 10:30pm
The Jam Galaxy – 9-10pm
Cullah – 7:45-8:30pm
Alejo – DJing all evening
Doors at 7:30pm

Sponsored by

Getting here

Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center is conveniently located just around the corner from Denver International Airport.


Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center
6700 North Gaylord Rockies Boulevard
Aurora,Colorado 80019 USA

Phone: +1 720-452-6900


What is The Rare Bloom?
The Rare Bloom is an extraordinary Cardano community two day convention, gathering the greatest minds of the network and uniting them into the physical. The mission from The Rare Bloom is to curate a hybrid of the best blockchain events we’ve all grown to know and love, into a single unique historical, yet annual experience. Ultimately, we aim to be the largest in-person Cardano educational celebration on the planet.
When is The Rare Bloom?
The convention will take place one October 14th and 15th (all day and all night). 2 & 3 night stays at the Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center are available for purchase directly through The Rare Bloom and Marriott that will help better your odds in our ticket holder raffle.
Where is The Rare Bloom hosted?
The event will be hosted at Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center near Denver, CO, featuring eight restaurants, a spa, four pools and a lazy river. It is located at: 6700 N Gaylord Rockies Blvd, Aurora, CO 80019.
Who are The Rare Bloom?
The Rare Bloom team is a partnership between stake pools Rare & Bloom, and the creatives behind Mycelial Gallery, and above all else friends with a shared passion for Cardano, blockchain technologies, and attending the conventions that come along with it together.
What time do doors open?
Doors open at 8:30 a.m. each day. Upon registration, you’ll receive your admission wristband. Keep this wristband on for the entirety of the conference please. If you lose your wristband, you’ll be required to purchase another ticket in order to enter. If you wish to cut your wristband off (or it falls off), we will provide you with another wristband as long as you physically have the old wristband in hand.
What cryptocurrencies will be covered at this event?
The Cardano blockchain and its native tokens will be the focus of this event, however this isn’t a maximalist event and we are open to bridging the gaps between other communities and blockchains.
Who will be speaking at The Rare Bloom?
Various thought leaders of the industry and Cardano network are joining us to speak, celebrate, and perform throughout the day and night. Please see the Speakers page for more detailed information.
Getting Involved
How to get involved or volunteer? Whether you are a candidate for a speaker, sponsor, entertainer, or volunteer we have the contact form for you to fill out and start the process.
How can I connect to attendees at Rare Bloom?
You can connect with others attending the event, by joining our telegram or twitter
Will there be reserved seating for Rare Bloom Events & Presentations?
There will not be reserved seating for individual tickets, however there will be a VIP only seating area with premium viewing for entertainment.
How do I request a refund?
Refunds are not available, but reselling is permitted allowing for entry for the new owner up to a certain date.
What is included in a VIP pass?
The VIP pass may allow passholders to skip the line for entry, premium seating for the mainstage, exclusive access to happy hours, and a merch pack. Additionally VIP holders receive more raffle entries compared to General Admission tickets in order to have better odds at winning premium prizes.
What is a lifetime pass?
The lifetime pass offers the rarest blooming experience one can imagine, for life. Our event will be held annually. The pass itself will be a unique 1/1 NFT from Mycelial Gallery, grant early access to hotel room selection/location, a guest past allowing for a plus one each year, lifetime VIP, and more.
Can I bring children/young people to the conference?
Yes, this is a family friendly event! The venue is a perfect for a getaway from home with the family as it offers everything from spa treatment to waterslides. We highly encourage young folks who have an interest in blockchain to attend and can offer limited student discounts. Please complete the contact form to inquiry for student pricing and a member of our team will be reach out for further details.
How much ADA should I bring with me?
Just enough for “spending money” unless you plan on partaking in the live auctions. The venue and its services will accept USD only.
Should I bring my backpack or laptop?
We don’t encourage bringing large bags or backpacks to the event, as all bags will be checked by security before entering the venue and may slow down the entry process.
Can I bring a weapon or firearms on site?
No weapons are permitted at the event.
Can I bring a camera?
Yes, of course just please be mindful of others privacy!
Will there be alcohol for purchase?
Yes, there will be alcohol on site for purchase as well as complimentary happy hours. An afterparty will occur both evenings. You are not allowed to bring your own alcohol.

Questions unanswered? Join our twitter spaces and ask a question or alternatively send us a message


The Team


Project Manager & Sales

Co-founder of the RARE stake pool, Wes has a decade of global sales and services experience within the Content Services industry, specializing in Healthcare.


Community Engagement

Peyton is the co-founder of Bloom pool and Mycelial Gallery. He runs a YouTube channel that provides education to the Cardano community called ‘bigpey’.


Event Production Lead

Co-founder of the RARE stake pool, Rand has over 15 years experience creating live events and has spent the past 3 years working in the crypto space.


Creative Director

Co-founder of Mycelial Gallery, Ben has 12+ years experience in creative services working with global brands, including IOHK and Emurgo.


Chief Finance Officer

Co-founder of Bloom Pool, Cryptkeeper Wallet, Tokhun and Dripdropz, Anthony brings a wealth of knowledge to the team.