Pay in USD or ADA

We have two ticket tiers, the amazingly affordable General Admission tickets, and the premium VIP pass.

The general admission tickets come with food and drink tickets, access to the Outdoor Terrace, Workshops and Builder sessions. They will also recieve at random, one of our exclusive partner NFTs, coming from the likes of Sundae Swap, SingularityNet, Claymates, Mycelial Gallery and more.

The VIP tickets include access to the exclusive VIP lounge, VIP Outdoor terrace, VIP bar, VIP restrooms, VIP Merch bag, and ALL of the exclusive partner NFTs.


General AdmissionVIP
Randomized Rare Bloom
Partner NFT Air Drops
All Rare Bloom Partner
NFT Air Drops
Opportunity to Enter
Lifetime Pass Giveaway
Guaranteed to Enter
Lifetime Pass Giveaway
General Admission
Exclusive VIP
Drink/Food TicketsIncreased Drink/Food Tickets
Non-Reserved GA Stage SeatingExclusive VIP Stage Seating Area
Outdoor Terrace AccessOutdoor Terrace Access
Access to WorkshopsAccess to Workshops
Access to Builder SessionsAccess to Builder Sessions
 Exclusive VIP Lounge
 Exclusive VIP Outdoor Terrace
 Exclusive VIP Bar
 Exclusive VIP Restrooms
 VIP Merch Bag (edited)
Early Bird: $350
Tier 1: $375
Tier 2: $400
Early Bird: $1000
Tier 1: $1250

NFT Tickets

Exclusive NFT’s will be distributedto attendees purchasing tickets for Rare Bloom. SundaeSwap, SingularityNET, Claymates and Hosky are just a few of the amazing teams that are submitting pieces to be distributed.

For attendees paying by ADA, NFT’s will be sent direct to payment addresses. For those paying by Stripe, the option to provide a return ADA address will be included in the payment process.

Lifetime pass

Two lifetime pass NFT’s will be issued at the event. One will be auctioned off, another will be able to be won by one of our VIP ticket holders